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Do you need an extermination services for bedbugs?

You have bites, but you do not know how? Do you feel itchy in the back, arms, or legs? Your room may have been invaded by bed bugs. These long insects feed on the blood of humans and live in your bedding (pillows, mattresses, flooring, drawers, dressing gowns).

If you think you have an infestation, it is highly recommended to call a bed bug exterminator. Lex-Terminator JM will exterminate your bed bug discreetly. Ask for a quote for your situation.

Discreet and professional exterminator

Bed bugs live about a year and are brownish in color. The female lays several dozen tiny eggs during her life in the most difficult to reach places. These insects are particularly sensitive to temperature variations, but the temperature of the room is ideal for them.

A bed bug exterminator will tell you exactly how to eradicate them.

Treatment for bed bug – call a professional

If we have detected bed bugs, we will have to systematically clean your entire bedroom. Includes drawers, pillows and underside of the box spring. No parts should be neglected.

Also, a suitable bed bug treatment will kill these resistant insects without dispersing them in the other rooms. With a professional bed bug extermination, you will avoid contaminating your bedding. Treatment of bed flea should require the use of insecticides and ecological products with the utmost caution.

These insects can greatly affect the quality of your life and your sleep, which is why a bed bug treatment established by an expert is essential to restore a comfortable atmosphere in your room.

Our bed bug treatment is certified and accredited by <a href=”www.mddelcc.gouv.qc.ca/” style=”text-decoration: none”> Department of Sustainable Development, Environment </ a . Use an Associated Exterminator Bed Bug Exterminator as we are professional, experienced and will meet your expectations as efficiently as possible. For further information, please contact Lex-TerminatuerJM at 514-321-7867