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Identification is the first step in pest control management

Identification is the first step in the fight against pests. If you think you have an infestation on your hands, this guide will help you identify the species. It will also help you assess the urgency of the situation. Call our specialists immediately for a free estimate and we will explain in detail our customizable approach in the treatment of the issue.

Let pest control management experts.

Mice and rats can sometimes lead to disease in their urine. These diseases can be transferred from rats or mice to the food in the pantry kitchen. In addition, other pests can cause and spread bacteria that can cause food poisoning, send someone in your family to hospital.

L’Ex-terminateurJm pest control management

The ExterminateurJm focuses on prevention by identifying pest problems. We believe that we should not treat the symptoms, but act at the source of the problem. So here you will find the most common parasites with which we must deal. These insects, pests, bugs, unwanted, or any other name you can give them, are listed here and you will find how to identify and eliminate them. Please contact us at 514-321-7867 if you do not find what you need. The right treatment begins with accurate identification of the parasite.

Insect Control:

  • Identification and localization of parasites
  • Identifying the causes of their presence
  • Establishing the need for intervention
  • Choice of means of intervention if necessary
  • Running the intervention chosen
  • Checking the results obtained

Rodent pest control:

  • Identifying sources of intrusion
  • Implementation of a control pest program
  • Recommendations and implementation of preventive and corrective measures
  • Smoke test for pipes to find entry point and recommend type of repair

Our professional pest management focus their activities in the Greater Montreal, West Island and its surroundings.